Base ONE

Standardised single pallet performance cooler

The Base One Vacuum Cooler is an ultra-fast, compact, single pallet/trolley vacuum cooler. With one system you can cool up to 3 loads per hour, or more…

The system has been designed to hold almost all pallet and trolley sizes. The powerful vacuum & cooling system will ensure shortest cooling cycles.

Specs – summarised:

  • Vacuum room: 1.300 x 1.350 x 2.500 mm (w x d x h)
  • Door style: Manual hinged | pneumatic lift (option)
  • Ramp style: Pneumatic outside ramp or small inside ramp
  • Vacuum: Busch or Leybold | 300 – 360 m3/hr
  • Cooling: Traditional (Bitzer) or Hydronic (Aermec). Up to 50 kW cooling power
  • Control: PLC, incl. wireless temp control, recipe function and freeze protect
  • E-Power indication: 20 – 25 kW. Systems can be supplied for all (3-phase) power grids.
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