Next Gen | Standard

Modular systems for up to 10 Standard Pallets

Next Gen Vacuum Cooler – Modular build systems for Standard pallets; placed as a single row in the vacuum room (wide side in). The inside room is 1.400 mm wide, the length of the room is adapted to the number of pallets cooled.

We offer standard solutions as of 3 and up to 10 pallets. Systems with larger capacity can easily be constructed, a multi-room solution can be offered as alternative! The Next Gen Vacuum Cooler offers:

Specs – summarised:

  • Vacuum room: 1.400 mm wide, 3.300 – 10.300 mm deep, 2.300 or 2.700 mm high.
  • Door style: Hydraulic swing (standard) or electric sliding (option)
  • Ramp style: Inside ramp supplied, outside ramp to be made on location
  • Vacuum: Busch or Leybold | 300 – 360 m3/hr (up to 6 pumps per system)
  • Cooling: Traditional (Bitzer) or Hydronic (Aermec). Up to 400 kW cooling power
  • Control: PLC, incl. wireless temp control, recipe function and freeze protect
  • E-Power indication: 50 – 200 kW. Systems can be supplied for all (3-phase) power grids.
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