WeBake ECO

Perfect lowest cost solution for croissants, buns & baguettes

WeBake ECO Vacuum Cooler: No-nonsense, efficient system design, suitable for most “standard” bread varieties. Intelligent control for regulating the cooling speed. Refrigerant free cooling system!

The perfect final temperature (usually around 40-50 ° C) is achieved quickly and cost-effectively. Cooling time between 2 and 8 minutes, depending on bread and load, and processing conditions. The WeBake ECO Vacuum Cooler offers:

Specs – summarised:

  • Vacuum room: Suitable for one medium (600 x 800) or large (600 x 1.000) rack.
  • Door style: Manual hinged (standard) or sliding (option)
  • Ramp style: Inside ramp supplied, outside ramp build to specification
  • Vacuum: Sterling SiHi plus Booster pump | Tap water needed (up to 20 l/min)
  • Cooling: Integrated in the vacuum system | No extra refrigeration system
  • Controls: PLC, incl. digital pressure control, wireless temp. monitoring, recipe function
  • E-Power indication: 10 – 15 kW. Systems can be supplied for all (3-phase) power grids.
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